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About the Swarm Foundation Ballots category (1)
Grant of SWM tokens to Swarm Foundation for 2019H2 budget ( 2 3 ) (50)
Council Duties Upgrade (4)
Save % of Blockrewards towards Swarm Masternodes Fund (1)
Nomination of Alex Cornwell to the Swarm Council (1)
Nomination of Aravinda Babu to the Swarm Council (1)
Swarm Council Members Upgrade (1)
Election of Chris Eberle to the Swarm Council (6)
Swarm Network Policy - Modified Issuance Staking by Swarm Council exception (7)
Strategic Considerations on the Future of Swarm from a Swarm Founder (1)
Upgrade the SWM token (2)
Amend the SNC (SNC-2019.02) (1)
Swarm LD Quorum Ballot (7)
Swarm Masternodes - Program and Budget (3)