18.000 ICO Ethereum Tokens


The disappearance of 18,000 ETH TOKENS from the 2017 ICO:

A kind reminder that, even excluding all the SWM tokens they dumped on our sorry heads without apologising even once, the 18.000 ICO ETH / 30 months, is 600 ETH a month.

With ETH at let say 250 USD, to stay on the very low side, the team would have ‘spent’ a minimum of 150.000 USD a month consecutively for the past 30 months. That is like a minimum of 5000 dollars A DAY for 2.5 YEARS without a day off.

But, it could easily be more, considering they had the ETH before it reached ATH at roughly 1450 USD a piece.

And somebody here still want us to believe that what was built costed this much?

This just doesn’t add up. Explain it.