Account verification - SWM not granted



Not that I am nagging old woman, but you claim 10 SWM for account verification.
Sorry, but cannot see the credited. (It’s couple of weeks now since account verification)



Hello. Can you please contact us via our Intercom Support box on the website? Thank you.


I joined Swarm on August 29th.
My account was verified the next day.
I contacted a Swarm associate through the support box on August 31st about not received the 10 verification SWM.
I was told there was a technical issue and that I would receive them soon.
It is now September 9th & I have still not received the 10 free SWM for joining.
If this is how you handle a $1.50 worth of a cryptocurrency completely controlled by your firm, how well are you going to handle my investments?


Hi kovalci4, is your account from the US? Cause we were having problems with US account because of accreditation settings. We have our developers working on it. Don’t worry because you will receive it as soon as they fix the problem. Giving 10 SWM to users who complete KYC is not related to protocol layer stuff. This is an added promotion the foundation is doing. As soon as we launch Masternodes the nodes that participate in consensus will be handling your transactions not the foundation. I hope this clears things a bit. Thanks


Hi I keep getting an “error” message when trying to verify my account. Help?


It’s now December 7th and I have still not received the promotional 10 SWM for joining back in August. I think this speaks volumes on your company’s problem solving abilities or, more accurately, inabilities.