Asset-backed token investments are attractive when their minimum annual return is:



This non-binding ballot will help the Swarm Foundation gauge the risk profile of the SWM token holders.

Options are:

  • 5% - No Risk
  • 25% - Some Risk
  • 100%+ - High Risk
  • 10X - VC Territory
  • 100X - “Insane, do you call this an investment?”

Please discuss below, giving your reasoned opinion where possible.

Voting on this survey is non-binding and will commence soon (exact date tbd) at


All have their place to be honest.


I would like to see a bell curve, with a mild skew to the VC territory, applied to the number of investment options being explored with swarm.


I absolutely agree with u fam.


25%/annum is good.
I am willing to take risk for 100%