Election of Chris Eberle to the Swarm Council


Title: GAP_1570199574_Election_of_Chris_Eberle_to_the_Swarm_Council.md
Sponsor: pieperp
Created: 04-10-2019
Version: version no.
Ballot Type: Up/Down
Voting Period: ongoing until 25-12-2019
Staking Address: β€œ0x75b901Ad97Ce404E90E64573D0B911d032BD9574”

Election of Chris Eberle to the Swarm Council, replacing Philipp Pieper at the end of his Term Dec 25, 2019

Purpose and rationale for the Governance Action and its intended outcomes

As further defined in SNC-2019.02 Section VIII. B. 2. a), the current term of Philipp Pieper on the Swarm Council ends Dec 25, 2019.

The proposal is to fill the open seat with Chris Eberle, who has been contributing to the Swarm project since Sep 2017. His profile can be found under https://www.linkedin.com/in/creberle/

Identify the specific uses for which Swarm Treasury funds may be expended to support the Governance Action;

This proposal is a nomination and has no request for funds associated with it


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


I would like to see some statement from @chris as to what his priorities will be if elected to the Swarm Council.


Probably worthwhile to read-up on the role of the Swarm Council as defined in the SNC https://docs.swarm.fund/SNC-2019.02.pdf

The Swarm Council and it’s members simply have a protective role to play to ensure that ballots meet formal and legal requirements. The council does not pursue an agenda or set priorities.


Here are the duties for Council Members:

  1. Initiate sensible GAPs.
  2. Ensure that all GABs are compliant with the Purposes.
  3. Administer funding for Governance Actions.
  4. Help prevent use of the Platform for illicit purposes


As defined in the Constitution, the Swarm Network is a member-driven network.

The Swarm Council does not have powers (as outlined in the Swarm Network Constitution) to arbitrarily set an agenda, but rather, through the election of representatives, responds and executes the will of the Members.

Grant of SWM tokens to Swarm Foundation for 2019H2 budget

Direct votes:
yes SWM 2,216,383.61 (100.0%), no SWM 0.00 (0.0%)

Including Default Masternode delegations:
yes SWM 79,341,106.88 (100.0%), no 0 (0.0%)

Overall GAB therefore passes.