Grant of SWM tokens to Swarm Foundation for 2019H2 budget


Direct votes:
yes SWM 2,070,115.73 (91.2%), no SWM 200,000.00 (8.8%)

Including Default Masternode delegations:
From my calculations including the default delegations of unvoted SWM in circulation to active masternodes the results are:
yes SWM 71,906,351.63 (90.6%), no 7,488,487.37 (9.4%)

So overall GAB passes.


Congratulations Philipp! :grin:


From my calculations including the default delegations of unvoted SWM in circulation to active masternodes

How does this work?


Here are my post vote thoughts:

I am cautiously optimistic for the future of both the Swarm Network and Swarm Capital. It was impressive to me to see the intelligence and engagement of the Swarm community as well as the engagement and modifications to the proposal made by Swarm Capital.

I also do not think the proposal even in its original form was something terribly unreasonable. The things that raised the most concerns (and included multiple people selling off all of their SWM) was the absence of communication regarding these things in advance, which lead to the proposal feeling like blackmail.

That said, gradual steps in the the right direction, including more continual information flows and addressing structuring can lead to a positive reinforcement cycle that can re-build confidence around the market and token.
It also seems given these parameters there is high potential for synergy between a private corporation which can take on large corporate clients and an engaged community.

I also think that generally speaking the staking + voting is the right economic model and the world will recognize this once the security token space comes alive in 2020. The key missing ingredient might be addressing the structural and IP related issues cleanly and then pouring on some viral community-led marketing.

So let’s make 2020 a year to remember for Swarm! Happy New Year everyone! :slight_smile:


Find details here:


Looks like it has been about four weeks since the last update. What is the status of the open sourcing, etc?


All the required elements for the grant transaction have been prepared (GitHub, License, Legal, Smart Contracts). Only the fundraising smart contracts are still in review and have turned up some deficiency that require fixing before it can go to auditing. This will take a bit of time. Until then, we’re all standing by with the transaction and the granted tokens continue to sit in the treasury.


Looks like another 7 weeks or so have passed. There was some discussion in telegram that some of the funds had already been taken, although seemingly without an actual release of the " elements for the grant transaction"? Can you clarify what has happened?


Not a discussion. There is clear evidence.