How did you hear about Swarm?


Part of getting to know our community of users is finding out how you heard about Swarm. If you have a cool story to share, this is the place. We promise we won’t laugh if you heard about Swarm from your grandma.

I heard about Swarm from Chris who happens to be Sasha’s brother-in-law. He had recently started working at Swarm, helping out with the upcoming token sale, and was looking for some help running some video advertising. Luckily, that had been my specialty for the previous ten years. And that’s how it all started …


Hi Sam,

Not the most exciting story but I’ll tell it anyway, if only to be the first to post in this thread. :smile:

Around mid 2017 my application for another ICO was accepted via Bitcoin Suisse registration however I passed on it after doubting my fundamental analysis skills. I’m definitely no market genius and I won’t name the coin but it quickly became obvious that the self doubt (on that particular occasion anyway) turned out to have been quite costly.

Anyway, after realising my error I started checking the Bitcoin Suisse site again for promising projects and that’s where I spotted Swarm and was hooked after reading your whitepaper.

It’s taken longer to validate my decision to invest in Swarm than the other project but I’m good with that as you guys have been making great progress. I love the fact you have stayed in stealth mode while building the platform rather than artificially hyping the project with no working product to back it up.

That, coupled with the love/hype for security tokens building up across the cryptosphere in general means that my hunch on this occasion seems it may have been a good one too. Time will tell I guess but I’m happy that I got on board.



Thanks for sharing your story, Nat. It’s for supporters like yourself that we really need to make this happen. Let me assure you the team are strong believers in what Swarm is doing and we’re pumped by the momentum we are now building.


I was looking for opportunities to invest and, at the same time, it was a good project that made sense, second, my ethical criterion regarding the issue of development at the human level.


Hi Karin, thanks for sharing your story and great to meet you. You’ll love the next investment opportunity we have coming up on the platform. I think it will be right up your alley… !


thank you, I will be waiting for news certamente.


Maaf nih min…semua bercerita tentang investasi…tapi saya tidak.saya mengenal swarm dari postingan teman yang menjajikan hadiah untuk member baru yang terdaftar,dan saya berpikir apa mungkin swarm melakukan itu???
Ya …tanpa pikir panjang sambil membaca sedikit2 pasti saya akan mengenal swarm…tapi yang menjadi pertanyaan saya kenapa sampai sekarang saya belum menerima swarm sepeserpun…terimakasih…


através de indicação de conhecidos, obrigado e sucesso no projeto, estou animado!


Bancor. I like the decentralized nature of Bancor (although the gas fees, and price slippage is tricky). And I noticed the projects listed on the platform were usually of good quality, as the team has to have the engineering capabilities to integrate their project with the Bancor protocol (this is always a good sign ;). In researching the few listed projects on Bancor. I came across Swarm, around the time that a competitor project in the space was being hyped/airdropped. Doing my research I really found value behind the project, github activity, teams pedigree etc. Here I am.


This is no where near any of the stories posted here but I found out about swarm roaming on Twitter on a friends page they had posted a few comments about swarm for the past couple days . At first I saw it and slide past it before and I kept seeing post about it knowing the person that posted the link I did some research and boom am here.


I believe I first saw a link on telegram. I’ve been looking for new opportunities like polymath and when I stumbled upon swarm I felt like this was the project I’ve been looking for. Did some research which made me feel comfortable and excited with joining swarm.


Miami North American Bitcoin Conference January 2017