Ideas from the Swarm Community


Option 1: Vote for the Proposal as is (SWM tokens to Foundation)

Swarm HOLDr, [Dec 19, 2019]:
That said, it is important for everyone to realize that with out Swarm Capital, there is really no future for SWARM network, at least in its current state. The way I interpreted things is that Swarm Capital aided SWARM network in finishing certain aspects of network development - they just want compensation for it. I think this is reasonable, as resources at SWARM foundation are very low.

Option 2: Buy IP from Swarm Capital and run independently

Black Yoda, [Dec 19, 2019, 11:28:36 AM]:
For those with long term interest in project, here is a suggestion:

Step 1: Pay SC for IP rights
Step 2: Elect an independent board to head SF (independent from SC)
Step 3: Figure out a way to independently finance SF and future development

For as long as SC is carrying the weight of developing, maintaining and evolving Swarm Network, they have the upper hand.

I will add additional ideas here as they are presented by the community.