NIAH Token



NIAH uses A.I. software to find & buy Single Family Homes in bankruptcy, then services and rents them in a time arbitrage strategy untiil final foreclosure.

Niah Fund, LLC has created a proprietary software-based search platform that each night automatically pulls Federal Bankruptcy Chapter 7 filings and filters these filings for pre-foreclosure distressed residential properties.

These properties can then be acquired directly from the Bankruptcy Trustee for just a fraction of current value ($3,000-$15,000) “subject to” existing liens. Once we have control via the deed we can rent for just the cash flow and/or mitigate the debt and sell the property to lock in equity.

If you’re considering investing in NIAH, and have any questions, please post them here.


Update (May 15, 2018): NIAH Fund sent 18 new purchase offers to NJ Bankruptcy Trustees on Chapter 7 cases containing real estate. Once offers are reviewed, accepted and publicly noted - and assuming no objections - the sale can close after 21 days. Details on the offers sent and subsequently accepted will be published on the Swarm platform.