Nomination of Aravinda Babu to the Swarm Council


Nomination of Aravinda Babu to the Swarm Council

Description of the proposed Governance Action

Timo Lehes’ term on the Swarm Network Council will end on March 25, 2020; a YES will appoint Aravinda Babu as Member of the Swarm Network Council. Aravinda Babu has been a long-time contributor to the Swarm Network. His profile can be found at:

Purpose and rationale for the Governance Action and its intended outcomes

After talks among network participants we identified Aravinda Babu as an excellent community representative at the Swarm Council.

Identify the specific uses for which Swarm Treasury funds may be expended to support the Governance Action

This proposal is a nomination and has no request for funds associated with it.

Additional information for Governance Actions requiring the expenditure of Swarm Treasury funds