Platform Feedback


The Swarm Assets Management Platform is the heart of our project, and we would really value any feedback you have on it - good, bad or indifferent. Check it out and play with it at and drop a review in here.


How do I use it to invest in a property that I find.


Hi, what do you mean? At the moment you can only invest in opportunities on the platform. We are in the process of automating and facilitating adding new investment types if this is what you mean.


Will there be mobile apps?


For sure. We are already testing them on our phones.


Nice! I have an Android phone, hope that app will be useful.


That is the goal:) Users will be able to invest, trade and check new investments directly from their mobiles. The one I’m testing is the Android one.


So far the platform is clean and straightforward. I’d like to get more information about investment opportunities, and as a first time investor in many of these things. I’d really like their to be some form of video/audio serieies from the projects. Maybe interview style, where someone sits down with the project leader and asks due diligence questions in an open an transparent way. Or some video/audio AMA of the same type. Many new investors may not be used to reading investment documentation and know how to properly parse it. I think here Swarm can differentiate by really making the user experience of investing be easier.


That is some very good feedback @davidchasteau One of the things we are thinking about adding to the workflow of new IO’s coming into the platform is an AMA period with the syndicate manager. Swarm users will be able to ask any questions and use that information— together with other data—to decide if they will add the fund to the platform afterwords. If the IO gets added, a link to the AMA will be added to the IO detail page so any new user can refer back to it later on.