Please Introduce Yourself!


~ Welcome to the Swarm community ~


Hi! I’m Sam. I have 3 dogs. This is a cool way to chat.


Hey, this is Alex. I have no dogs but I do like them. This is definitely a cool way to communicate.


Hey I’m Max. Looking forward to the discussion!


Hello dear friends! My name is Oleg, I don’t have dogs at all. I like birds and sunny weather. I’ll be glad to have a nice conversation :wink:

First time here? Welcome!

Hello! I’m Vivian Jane. I enjoy other people’s well-behaved dogs now and again. Looking forward to chatting it up here with the Swarm.


What dog would you get if you got a dog?


Does this notify you when someone replied to your message about dogs?


I would adopt a completely trained, older dog that was otherwise destined for an animal shelter after its original dog-person owner became unable to care for it. I prefer large breeds aesthetically, but would probably seek lower-maintenance medium-size breeds for myself.

And yes, I am notified about replies :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’ve got a cat and she loves dogs. If I could have a dog, I would get a wolf/fox hybrid of some kind.


I’m curious about seeing what many replies on the platform look like. Hi Sam. how are you? Hope you are fine.


Hello. I got an email about your reply. I couldn’t reply via email though. Had to come here. I am well. Done with meetings and going to enjoy the rest of my evening.


Hi everyone.

I have previously had dogs but do not currently have dogs as I have many small children so adding dogs would be insane. I do hope to someday have dogs again though.

Well done on achieving another platform milestone. Looking forward to seeing Swarm grow.



Well its nice to be among (mostly) fellow pet owners. Apparently this project is pretty new. How cool! I’ll check back soon. Adam


shi tzu, I know, I’m weird. I love those little guys.


greate let’s grow together


i like maintaining a healthy dog-to-child ratio. Currently we have 3 kids, 3 dogs… :wink:


yooooooo swarmers


Howdy Swarmers!


Heyy!! Whatup!