Please Introduce Yourself!


Hi…my name is Setiadi, nice to meet you


Hola. I am Zak. I live in CA, near Swarm offices. :slight_smile:


Gday all, I am an Aussie whom lives in central Victoria. I am a professional Engineer and have been involved in crypto since ~2011…I have been quietly monitoring markets for crypto managed funds and the transparency of this venture is great. I look forward to a fun, ethical and mutually profitable future.


Hi all, I am David. Currently a Computer Science student in Toronto, Canada. I strongly support the vision of swarm to open investment opportunities to everyone not just the already rich. The swarm team is top notch, and the response to all my questions have been great. Although the community is small now, I believe the team should be deliberate about the culture and try to maintain the quality and open community that seems to be growing organically. Happy to be apart of the community.


Hey, this is Colm, I saw the swarm booth at block 2 the future sf. Looking forward to learning more about the project!


Welcome all newcomers to the Swarm community.


Hi, I am Bobbi and I am opening a blockchain training facility in Princeton, NJ.


ciao sono carmine


Hey I’m mostafa… Looking forward to the discussion!


Nice project…go go


Hi I’m Edi from Aceh,sumatrah. thank you


My name is Joshua, I’m new to the crypto space I am taking part in a few projects.
1 Coinsailor a coinmatching tool
2 Bitcoinimpossible, It’s a project where I am hoping to connect artists programmers and such on projects.
and it is a online fragrance gallery
I found Swarm by looking around Bancor this seems like amazing community, looking forward to meeting everyone here.


The block-chain investing space is new to me.

I have been in both the listed and private equity markets for over 2 decades, mostly in San Francisco.
I am now traveling and working on several investment projects.

I found swarm because it seemed very interesting and I also noted the VSJ fund and I am very familiar with VSJ.

I have lots of ignorant questions about SWARM - but have failed to find someone to contact at SWARM.

If someone would be interested in spending some time giving me insight, i would greatly appreciate it.



Hi lionfish42, this is the perfect question to leave at the actual fund channel. The syndicate manager should receive notifications for all questions on his specific channel.


Hi, I’m Bryan, I’ve been learning as much as possible about the crypto space, other than btc, for about a year now. I finally feel like I have a chance to succeed in investments with crypto without having to start off rich or wealthy. I’m an ultrasound tech and I have to work 2 jobs to keep my family above water, so for the average person in the USA, crypto has given us (well atleast me) hope for some financial freedom in the future and a better chance to enjoy life.



Can you please let us know whether investors from USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and India can apply for KYC and participate?


Investors from the US need to be accredited to participate at the moment. Individuals from any other country can apply for KYC and once approved they are able to participate with no extra verification.


We are interested in your solutions to develop a securities token based on our existing loan business. When can we setup a call to discuss?
Forest Blade


Shouting out to all the melbournians, get back to me if you are one :wink:


Hello all, its Ray and im eager to learn more about this project. :sunglasses: