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Chris from Texas in the U. S. still doing my due diligence before deciding to invest. So far so good!


Hey Chris, let us know if you have any questions. A good place to meet the community and a lot of the core team is in Telegram.


Hi. I am Bernardo. I am looking to tokenize a real estate project. Where can I ask about the platform, a demo, etc?


Hi Bernardo, I have replied to you on Intercom. Let me know if you need anything else. You can also get in touch with us @


BBcode that’s good ~


Hi everyone! I am Lee from Ireland. It is so great to meet so many who share the same interest and passion. The Irish are a people of hope, generosity and craic. So I raise a pint of Guinness to you all for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019! I hope all of us on here looks back at this Swarm decision as one of the best we have made for our future. Slainte!


Greetings from Norway, will be interesting to follow this project.


Hey - I’m O.T. Greetings from sunny California. Glad to be a part of this adventure with you all. The first steps in making PE investing accessible. Cheers to successful and wise investing. Let’s go 2019!


Hi Friends,
From USA, Ohio
Fractional investments, wow…this is the future for non-accredited and accredited investors!!! (If you haven’t heard…an accredited investor has wealth, in the USA this is someone who has 1 mil USD in assets (not incl. home) and making 200K USD per year). Initial Coin Offerings, if classified as securities (like company stock in Initial Public Offerings, that are restricted to accredited investors), is a barrier to many. This measure of wealth would be a HUGE leap for me!!

Enter left, distributed ledger technology and smart “programable” contracts…the missing links coupled with US SEC Regulation A+ (allows some investments to be offered to non-accredited investors). Welcome to the age of Automation folks! This will bring the rise to the Security Tokenization Offering (STO’s) to the masses (non-accredited investors) and any platform (like swarm) that gets a Regulaion A+ approval for certain investments to offer to the non-accredited is a win, the best way to crowdfund, move over Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors :wink:

This is great because the US Security and Exchange is going to/is ruling the vast majority of all Inititial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as securities, and will be treated just like an Initial Public Offerings (IPO) for private companies going public (think Uber/Lyft…only way to invest in them is either accredited or by 1 degree of separation, buying stock in companies like Alpabet and Amazon that are investing in these companies). Even then, you have to buy 1 share at ~$1,000 USD, making the barrier to entry high. Buying fractional shares is the only possibile way to lower the barrier. The only way I know today how to buy just $15 USD Amazon stock, is with Stockpile (disclosure …i signed up so my 5 year old can buy his own stock…start them early!!!). While this is very cool (fractional investing) I like compound interest in my IRA/401K and market average of 7 - 10 % return (to lose half of it in the next crash…so is life). I’m not a financial advisor or an attorney, so please do not construe my informal opinion as financial and legal advice, always do your research and understand the investment, and seek professional financial, tax, and legal counsel before buying and selling investments. And as for me, I’ll only put in what I can afford to lose, and if I lose it all, I won’t lose any sleep over it. ; )

Cheers everyone! Welcome to the revolution!!! We have to share SWARM on social media to grow this community. (I don’t work for swarm).


Hello All,

I’m Devon, residing in Vancouver, Canada. I spent a good portion of my childhood watching ants and now I’m taking computer science classes part time. I work for a private medical-legal company, but my true master is The Vortex. I’m down with the Schauberger and the nitinol engine. The moon is not my friend.

Hoping to do a little good for One and for All.


Hello everyone, Im Tim from US. I look forward to learning the swarm platform.


Hi Kate,

We have launched a PoS start-up last year and are ready to raise funds and buy our portfolio of PoS-compatible crypto. We are looking into tokenizing our shares and launching an STO, that would subsequently trade on a security token exchange. Think you could help?


hi my name is sergej