Solar energy project?


Hi guys,
We are company that developing renewable energy project in Western Balkans, our last project was developing and put in operational 14 MW hydro power plants for private investor. In this context we have develop 12 MW solar power project and it is ready to build that means that we have acquired the land and all necessary permits to build this solar power plant. In context of this we would like to bypass the commercial banks loans for finance our project and to give it to try for equity funding so we are ready to give for equity funding about 75% of the financial construction and profits for 25 years?

I would like your opinion about this ?

Thanks in advance :wink:


Dear Dlalkov,

In the UK investment banks who support PV construction projects only do so if they can see a healthy return on investment. Their support for such projects has dwindled since the Conservative (right wing) government cut the subsidies for PV generation. Now that schemes can only generate income from selling the electricity on the wholesale electricity market the capital payback periods have lengthened considerably. What income streams are available for your project in the Balkans?

Clearly this type of project is absolutely essential to fund if we are to reduce the amount of fossil CO2 pumped into the atmosphere and avert climate catastrophe. I would invest in your project even if the returns were low because I am an ardent supporter of renewable energy, believing that it has the potential to not only mitigate the damage we are doing to the climate but also upturn the current world order. Maybe there are other investors in this community who would take the same view. Either way, your chances of getting investors will increase dramatically if you can supply a financial outlook for the project.

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Have a look at whats happening in Uganda and Africa in general. Solar will be very big on the continent