Still waiting over 3 months for my 10 SWM Tokens



I opened & confirmed a Swarm account back in August, but I have still not received the 10 free SWM tokens for joining that were offered in the promotion. I have contacted customer service through the chat service multiple times. Despite their reassurances, the issue is still not resolved. I find this obstinance troubling and suggest that anyone who has opened an account with Swarm freeze your credit & initiate a fraud alert with all three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, & Transunion). It is a free service available at those agencies’ individual websites.


This is concerning. Has anything been resolved, since posting this on the community page?


Greetings! I’m sorry to hear you have still not received the 10 SWM - those should’ve been in your account a long time ago, indeed. We’ve written you in direct message via our Intercom Support Chat, and I’ve let the team know this is a high priority. Thank you for your patience here, and I apologize for the delay. Best, - Kate