Swarm Council Members Upgrade


Swarm Council Members Upgrade

Description of the proposed change to Swarm Network Policy

This GAP proposes the following change in the Swarm Network Policy, to be answered with a YES for approval or a NO for refusal:

  • Raise the number of Swarm Network Council members from 5 to 7.

Purpose and rationale for the policy change and its intended outcomes

Raising the number of Swarm Network Council Members (5 to 7) presents the community with the possibility of nominating two of its most committed individuals to be part of the Swarm Network Council, and be able to commit further to the necessary duties to bring the Swarm Network forward.

Identify the specific uses for which any Swarm Treasury funds may be expended to support the Governance Action;

This proposal has no request for funds associated with it.

Additional information for Governance Actions requiring the expenditure of Swarm Treasury funds