Swarm Masternodes - Program and Budget



Short Description:

The proposed program has been described in detail in this blog post and the website www.swarmmasternodes.com. This ballot proposes to 1/ ratify the Swarm Masternode program as described, 2/ reserve SWM 10,000,000 of the Swarm organizations tokens for block rewards, 3/ reserve additional SWM 10,000,000 of the Swarm organizations tokens for market development funds, and 4/ work with counsel to evaluate and create options to execute the Market Development Fund under organizational, legal and regulatory considerations. The Swarm Foundation and it’s officers are authorized and empowered to take such further action, to execute and deliver such further agreements, instruments, and certificates, as such officers may deem necessary or advisable, to effectuate the purposes and intent of the resolutions hereby adopted. A “yes” to this ballot gives consent to the adoption of the foregoing resolutions effective as of the date of reaching a majority of votes from the outstanding SWM tokens.

Vote here: https://voting.swarm.fund/

Discussion of this ballot should proceed below.


Hi, how long do we have to vote on this? Will look at voting tomorrow


Hey Pete, voting closes on: Sep 16, 2018 - 9pm CEST