Swarm Network Constitution (SNC-2019.01)


Ballot Title:
Swarm Network Constitution (SNC-2019.01)


So far the Swarm Network has been governed by the definitions of the whitepaper as well as the ballots taken to date.

With this ballot we are proposing to adopt the Swarm Network Constitution Version 2019.01 (SNC-2019.01). This constitution presents a more formalized governance structure and governance processes for the Swarm Network and its members, as laid out in this document https://docs.swarm.fund/SNC-2019.01.pdf

SNC-2019.01 may require further technical implementations. The Swarm Council may determine and employ temporary solutions until these technical requirements are in place and for a timeframe it deems reasonable.

Voting “yes” means being in support of adopting SNC-2019.01
Voting “no” means not being in support of adopting SNC-2019.01

The quorum is 21,356,402.44 SWM, equivalent to 25% of the SWM tokens in circulation when launching the ballot.

Vote here: https://voting.swarm.fund/

Discussion of this ballot should proceed below.


It seems the site treasury.swarm.fund does not work. Is this active?

Under Article III, is the intention to raise additional outside funds for the Swarm network?


Re treasury.swarm.fund: we will put all the items required by the constitution in place once it’s adopted.

re Article III: there are no plans to do so, but the network should have the ability to decide to do that in future, should it be necessary. Not that this could be done in various possible way, e.g. through donations.