Swarm Network Policy - Modified Issuance Staking by Swarm Council exception


Title: Swarm Network Policy - Modified Issuance Staking by Swarm Council exception
Sponsor: SWARM Council (voted 12-15-2019, 5 “yes”, 0 “no”)
Created: 13-12-2019
Version: version no. 1.0
Ballot Type: Up/Down
Voting Period: 7 days
Staking Address: Exempt from the staking requirements per SNC-2019.02/Article VII.B.10
Start time: 1576515600 (UTC/GMT Monday, December 16, 2019 17:00:00 PM)
End time: 1577120400 (UTC/GMT Monday, December 23, 2019 17:00:00 PM0)

Swarm Network Policy - Modified Issuance Staking by Swarm_Council exception

On July 1, the GAB on the SwarmNetworkPolicy for Issuance Staking was decided upon, which laid out the SWM staking requirements for different levels of tokenized value on the Swarm Network.

As the infrastructure is being built out and starting to be adopted, there are different segments of the issuer market for which the stated staking requirements and mechanisms might not fit.

We will need to trial with these issuers to find the best approach and level of staking that works within their business models, so that using the Swarm infrastructure remains attractive and compelling.

We propose a Swarm Network Policy to establish a process by which token issuers can approach the Swarm Council with requests to deviate from the general policy.

In consideration, the Council should review the business and market requirements and be guided by the balance of the adoption the Swarm network infrastructure as well as expanding the utility of the SWM token. Any granted exception should be documented in the Swarm network governance repository.

The discovery process and the exceptions over time should lead to further insights on how to adapt the Issuance Staking Network Policy in general.

No budget requested for the implementation of this GAP.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Sounds sensible for the council to be able to have the option to agree a special deal for some raises in the interest of further adoption of the Swarm infrastructure, I guess.


Who is guaranteeing, and how, that Swarm Capital won’t negotiate reduced staking as it would be in the interest of SC to provide no to little staking in return for extra SC profits, for example.


There’s no negotiation. Either it makes sense to the Swarm Council based on the above named parameters or it doesn’t. It’s meant as a way to test staking levels and structures that work better with certain verticals.


Am I right in thinking this policy is to allow a deviation from the staking scale but before implementing the ‘special’ deal for the issuer, say Seimens, it will first go for a vote here via governance model to be accepted/approved?

  1. Is there a time frame for this trial Or is it a open ended change if approved? Is there a monetary value, quantity of issuances or total tokens staked deemed required to fully assess this change per sector?

  2. Was the previously agreed Network staking structure and requirements clearly outlined to the possible issuers as part of their engagement? Are current negotiations with possible issuers being made on the basis of their being a possibility of exceptions if the issuer requests it or fixed based on the existing staking network policy?

  3. It’s noted that there are issuers who may require a different model. If there are specific theoretical models under review can these be outlined to give an indication of the extent of change which is being reviewed worthy of a trial or change to policy. I do not expect names or information which would be commercially sensitive but even a high level review would give an indication of what’s being considered.


Direct votes:
yes SWM 2,270,115.73 (100.0%), no SWM 0.00 (0.0%)

Including Default Masternode delegations:
yes SWM 79,341,106.88 (100.0%), no 0 (0.0%)

Overall GAB therefore passes.