Tokenising startup equity on the platform



I wonder if the platform provides any ways to tokenise and list startup equity? If yes, how does the process look like?

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Hi Ilia,

Thanks for your question! We’re actually publishing a new section on our website today, which describes the process in a little detail and allows you to submit your proposed investment opportunity.

Essentially, the process works like this:

You submit your opportunity for initial review by the Swarm Investment Team. It then goes to the community for review, discussion and eventually a vote to approve it to be offered as an investment.

Once approved, the investment goes into a funding phase, at which time investors can allocate crypto funds in exchange for tokens in your startup, representing their investment. As soon as the investment is funded, you receive funds (in your preferred currency) and investors receive regulatory compliant security tokens they can trade, transfer or hold These also give them voting rights on any decisions you propose via our Liquid Democracy Voting Module. Returns are paid back to investors via the platform, and a legal relationship is established between your startup and an SPV representing the Swarm investors, which is valid even if the Swarm platform disappears.

During this entire period, you are able to engage with investors, and are responsible for your own marketing, though we will also promote your fund in the platform.

This explains the process in a nutshell. To start, visit and tell us about your opportunity. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve reviewed it.

Let me know if you have any other specific questions.