Since my reasonable questions are being ignored and deleted on Telegram, here they are again:

1- Where is the agreement made between Swarm Capital and the Swarm Foundation that was meant to be shown before the release of any token?

(Tokens were recently taken before any agreement was shown by Swarm Capital as promised before the recent vote.) This is especially important because of the ownership of intellectual property rights and the open-source status of the tools that were built.

Moreover, the two new members of the Swarm Council were not notified of any such movement, according to their own statements on our Discord channel. Why not?

2- Why are all the tools on the website ‘by Swarm Capital’ when they should in fact be open-sourced? Why is Swarm Capital claiming them?

3- I’d like to see the complete list of tools that the Swarm Network has already open-sourced and which ones have not yet been open sourced and know why they were not.

I’d like to also have a list of the tools that will remain ownership of Swarm Capital, if any, including legit proof that what belongs to SC was paid using Swarm Capital’s funds and not the Swarm Network’s treasury or any of the ICO funds. Invoices must be there for each job, just publish them indicating what each refers to.

4- I’d only like to see each and every invoice paid by the treasury through the Swarm Foundation or any other entity from the Swarm Network’s inception, whose council has been populated with Swarm Capital members and friends.

Through the newly-approved duties of the Swarm Council, those invoices have to be and remain available to the network’s members. If the Swarm Network paid for anything from its treasury, and it did, there must be a way to show what was paid and when.

5- Based on which country’s laws was the network constitution drafted? Is it legally binding?

6- Why wasn’t a legal entity set up for the Swarm Network, considering the extensive use of the treasury that has been going on? Was it intentional?

7- Why was the Market Development Fund cancelled?

8- Despite being cancelled, at no point anybody had any right to use those 10m tokens. Instead, they just went missing. So, what were the 10m tokens devoted to the MDF used for?

I’d like to see invoices covering the usage of those 10m tokens as well please.

9- Which Swarm Council members signed the Tx I discuss in Question#1? Clearly, the owners of these wallets should be asked to come forward and immediately step down from their Swarm Network Council seats. Or, to provide the documentation required for inspection by the network members, as explained above.


Thank you.


This is what Sam said during the discussion about the 5m tokens payment:

If, the 5 million SWM are voted to be paid by the network, can we have clad iron confirmation that the 5 million SWM tokens are payment in full settlement. And after payment of the tokens whilst they are locked up, if, they go down in USD value that no more than the original 5 million SWM will be required/requested. Can you confirm this for my/our peace of mind.

Yes, the agreement between Swarm Foundation and Swarm Capital will be shared with the Swarm Council before the release of the tokens.

This, of course, was not the case, and tokens were moved without showing any such agreement and without notifying the new council members we voted in over a month ago.


This is what Sasa have asked, his question was barely replied to, and replied usually lacks an astonishing ton of details. What he says below is worrysome and warrants further clarification, thus my request to see invoices for work paid to build those tools to find out where the funds originated from in the first place.

All this discussion can be read again here: Grant of SWM tokens to Swarm Foundation for 2019H2 budget

Quoting from it:

My main concern is regarding Swarm’s product suite and what the Foundation/Network have been funding for the last year. The Core Swarm team has been conceptualizing these products for more than just the last 6 months therefore I think it is important to clarify what was funded by the Foundation and what was funded by Swarm Capital.

We have been conceptualizing Investor Pass, Onboarding App, IQ Manager, MAP and the Fundraising Contracts since Q3 2018. I personally have been paid solely by the Foundation until July 2019 (from July 2019, over ⅔ of my salary has been paid by the Foundation and less than ⅓ by Swarm Capital) . Most of my work, conceptualizing these tools, was done while I was working for the Foundation and not Swarm Capital, most of my salary and the salary of all Core Team Members was agreed to be paid by the Foundation, not by Swarm Capital.

Swarm Capital is asking for a large refund from the Swarm Foundation, yet it is claiming to own most of the customer facing products which were conceptualized and developed before it even existed.

In order to have a better understanding of what is being claimed by Swarm Capital I would like to ask Timo and Philipp to point out which repos and tools were supposedly paid by Swarm Capital and which were paid by the Foundation so we can better assess the current situation:

Investor Pass ( - A tool that authenticates users and facilitates user qualification when onboarding to STO’s - Private Repo - Created 13/May/2019 - Private Repo - Created 21/08/2019

Onboarding App / Earlybird (e.g. - This tool allows users to authenticate and load their personal data from Investor Pass - Private Repo - Created 15/Jan/2019 - Private Repo - Created 08/Aug/2019

IQ Manager ( - This application manages information obtained from Investor Pass through the Onboarding App that is meant to be qualified by Qualification Providers. This application utilizes MAP certificates for its operation. - Private Repo - Created 28/May/2019 - Private Repo - Created 29/Mar/2019

MAP ( - The Market Access Protocol is a system that enables investor qualification compatibility across qualification providers and STO’s 1 - Private Repo - Created 31/Jan/2019 - Public Repo - Created 19/Mar/2019 - Private Repo - Created 04/Mar/2019

Swarm Centralized Fundraising Application with Copper integration (e.g. Dashboard application for - Private Repo - Created 02/Apr/2019 - Private Repo - Created 01/Apr/2019

Swarm Tokenization Self-serve app ( 1) - Private Repo - Created 27/Aug/2019

Swarm Decentralized Fundraise Contract - SRC20 Token Contracts - Public Repo - Created 16/Jul/2019

Swarm Masternodes ( 1) - Private Repo - Created 10/Sep/2019 1 - Private Repo - Created 16/Jun/2019 - Public Repo - Created 24/Jun/2019 - Private Repo - Created 14/Jun/2019

Swarm Token Upgrade ( - Private Repo - Created 27/Aug/2019