Viejo San Juan Comunidad RE Fund (VSJ)


Viejo San Juan Comunidad RE Fund is founded on the belief that Old San Juan offers a unique opportunity for investment, with a lifestyle offering that will continue to attract new residents as arguably the most livable urban neighborhood in America. The bohemian lifestyle in an historical Caribbean setting, and with Puerto Rico being the only place on the planet where US tax payers can legally be exempt from Federal Tax makes this a very desirable real estate market.

The Fund has targeted several properties for both redevelopment and current rental income. In particular, the Fund intends to redevelop a landmark building for the crypto/blockchain community.

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This looks very promising!


Hello @vsj could you provide some detail about the heritage building you’re looking to redevelop? We’d love to see some photos or redevelopment plans on it. Thanks!


Hi, lovin the idea of investing into something that will change and improve someone’s lifestyle especially in a country that breathes food, love and music! Do you agree if the video could have showed us a bit of where the planned development sites would be and how our projects would realize the visions of the locals living over there?


Here are some photos of the heritage building that will be redeveloped, located right in the heart of San Juan. We have approximately 40,000 sq feet to refurbish and lease. As is, the building is currently half occupied, bringing an 8 percent yield.


Looks like a stunning building with great potential. I tend to agree however that the video does not show any indication of the headline features of this IO and as such doesnt sell the opportunity to an investor very convincingly. I tend to think the video should be a primer for finding more detailed information that is available on the Swarm Invest platform. @vsj


Investing in a “Tropical Paradise” with history, culture, friendly and warm people in a neighborhood with a variety of visitors and residents from all over the world. The mix of the life style of Europe, Caribbean and America (Latin America and US Territory) makes this small town very special. The Old San Juan Real Estate has a combination of Spanish architectural structures that where constructed to protect the people from military invasions, for security reasons, as well to create a space that would remember the habitants there piece of Europe, Spain. Arches, interior patios, under ground water tanks, side walks with shadows, (in the morning, and in the afternoons), high ceilings (from 14’ to18’ feet), with thick walls…. a construction to last, eco friendly lifestyle. Today, OSJ is the town with the nightlife, culture, and arts of a Big City and the warmth of a small town… Come and find out more of Viejo San Juan Comunidad RE Fund!


I know about this project since 2017. I for sure will recommend it to all my friends and I never regret about it. This project have an amazing experienced team! Great idea and I wish to the Swarm only bright future because Swarm deserve it ! Great communication with community this is one of my favorite projects!


The video on SWARM is primarily to give a feel for the VSJ lifestyle. We have another video in production which will appear on the and on the SWARM site if we can switch it out. The real estate properties are shown in detail in the InPortal private market.


Great. We are hoping to release a feature this week that makes investment opportunities editable, meaning you’ll be able to switch out the video, and edit other content.


What building is currently in the VSJ fund?


Fund currently has 44 acres of farmland in contract, a 90,000 sq foot office building going into contract and a 17,000 warehouse condo conversation being approved for tax abatement. And discussions on several other properties. As these are private transactions, please go to site and apply for Membership to the Viejo San Juan Comunidad R E Fund for secure access to the deal room
this is the direct link the VSJ deal room for due diligence


Thanks for keeping the community updated, Stephen.