Vote to move to new voting platform

I am proposing to move all voting to a new gas-less platform,

The current voting platform requires gas fees, it is a bit complicated to start votes, and it can be a bit buggy. This new platform will eliminate gas fees and provide an overall better voting experience.

The new platform will not be able to include the Default Masternode Delegation in section H of the constitution: So the constitution will need to be amended with this section H discarded.

Definitely a „yes“.
We need this new voting system to simplify the overall process and move forward faster.

Yes! This will help by making voting on ballots more easy - possible even!

The weighting of votes by ownership of SWM tokens will clearly be biased towards those with large holdings. In the unlikely event that these holders do not wish to exercise their right to vote, is there a minimum number of votes which need to be cast for the vote to count as binding?

In section A.2 of the constitution the tokens are declared as those being created on the 6th of November 2017, this should be updated to reflect the new contract 0x3505f494c3f…



I vote yes. I can’t argue with simplified, free, and moving forward faster.