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What do you love, like, or hate about the Swarm main website, ? Good or bad we want your feedback, so drop it here and we’ll make sure to consider it all.


The login flow needs to be cleaner. When i click “login” button I directed to the “sign-up” form, then I have to find the’ sign-in" button at the bottom, to actually bring up the correct form to login…Just a minor detail.


Thanks for pointing this out, David! We’ll make that change to smooth it out.


Hi—I can upload the selfie pic no problem, but the other three documents wont upload on the virify page-in my case, drivers licence front and back and the proof of address-any suggestions?



I had the same issue when using Firefox. It worked for Chrome though.


Ah—thanks for that-I will give it a try


Hi, we are aware of the issue in Firefox and we are fixing the problem. Thanks for the heads up.


Thank you–have uploaded with Chrome now-no problems


Love the dashboard and usability : ) Dislike having to take a selfie holding a paper : (
Time to start using an ID verifications system so that we don’t have to do these things every time we sign up with a new site.


Agree 100%. We can’t wait to implement a fully decentralized solution on the platform. But unfortunately these projects are still in their early stages and nothing seems to be ready for deployment just yet. If you know of any good solutions please let us know.


The most popular id verification system seems to be Civic:


Hey, so what happened to your referral program, the one that gave links to the invest.swarm.domain? Links are dead, can’t see any stats or anything. Sorry, been a while since I last checked Swarm :slight_smile:


They are not in use at the moment. they were mainly used for March Madness. We might bring them back later. But we are not sure just yet.


Support button after clicking on “hamburger menu” main account screen doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Not sure if this is just a bug with my account.


Hi @davidchasteau can you please provide us with more details of the bugs. What OS were you using were you on computer or mobile? Thanks


Btw, is this on mobile app or website?


Hi I am using the Brave browser and I keep getting an “error” message when trying to verify.