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Fincomeco a subsidiary of GMEX Group was founded in 2017 and Block Commodities, 2011. GMEX Group was founded in 2011.

Our strategy is based on using our unique ecosystem to create real value to the 700m farm community enabling them to trade responsibly with an objective of increasing income to those farmers to deliver economic wealth across Africa

Food Asset Coin Eco-System (FACES) is a joint venture between Block Commodities and FinComEco (subsidiary of GMEX Group) to develop and operate the blockchain ecosystem with impact and commercial benefits for all stakeholders. The venture will sponsor the development of commodity ecosystems and using tokens (from third-parties initially) as currency for the transactions.

The primary concerns of the venture are financial inclusion and social responsibility—it is aimed towards providing the infrastructure & resources to the 700M unbanked farm community in Africa to enable them to feed their families, countries, and the world by providing security of transaction, eliminating corruption, reducing costs of borrowing, and ensuring the liquidity for the purchase of inputs by ensuring the sale of their produce. By 2030 the population of Africa will have doubled to 2.5 billion, unless a financing and supply chain infrastructure is put in place this could lead to unimaginable human catastrophe. The blockchain enables market inefficiencies such as corruption, market access and perception-based debt costs to be removed.

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When can i buy the farmcoin


The FarmCoin fund will be going live on the platform next week, final date to be confirmed.


FarmCoin they ar the best


Hi Sam,

If you are targeting the “unbanked” who are generally lacking access to even the internet, how are you going to engage with /market your system to these people?


Hi, this is a good question.

@steve.round is the manager of FarmCoin and can hopefully provide an answer.



Thats a really good question and thanks for asking . We will be using technology where that is enabled but we also work with local organisations on the ground such as farmer cooperatives who can help both market but also support our offering. In addition this will help with education and as technology develops in certain areas the farmers will be able to use that technology - our ecosystem is designed to be practical and sensitive to the local farmers needs


Just a very simple question. I don’t hold swarm tokens. Can I contribute ETH, BTC or FIAT? The latter option would be the most convenient for me.

Thank you very much in advance.



Hi Miguel,

Yes you can contribute in ETH or BTC. Fiat support is coming soon!

Thank you.