Which type of investment opportunities would you like to see on Swarm?



This non-binding ballot will help inform the Swarm Foundation of the type of funds to focus on in the near future.

Options are:

  • Real Estate
  • Crypto Hedge Funds
  • Renewables Funds (Solar, Geothermal, etc)
  • Impact Funds
  • Cannabis Funds

Please discuss below, giving your reasoned opinion where possible.

Voting on this survey is non-binding and will commence soon (exact date tbd) at https://vote.swarm.fund


I’m definitely looking forward to the first Cannabis fund. These tend to have high cash flows with the potential for good returns paid out more often, and present a new investment opportunity most of us have not been able to access until now.


I would definitely like to see more options with returns that get paid more often. Cannabis is definitely one of them. I would love to see funds that are intended for rre-ICO sales so users can invest as little as they want on a token but get the benefits of the pre-ICO price.


All of the above investment options seem interesting.
With respect to Cannabis, I’ve come across DUBER ICO a while ago.
I follow www.pharmacielo.com/en/ since last year. They are operating very successfully out of Colombia but are a Canada based company. What they do, is definitely where the market is heading.
My faves:

  • Crypto Hedge Funds
  • AI, VR/AR and similar driven funds


Impact Funds are interesting. I think of organic farming, sustainable and intelligent food distribution and renewable energy as growing markets. I’m also interested in funds that invest in new technology (like the silicon valley fund here),


I would like to see more work in the direction of ethical computing / computer sourcing. what I have in mind is the EOMA68 project


i like Crypto Hedge Funds




I think the obvious answer is investments that bring the most returns with least risk in shortest period of time. Every investors dream :wink:

Here are a few that I think would be interesting investments:
-Education as an investment (I like the model of Lambda School, investing in students and getting a return on their future income)
-Art and other luxury one of a kind collectables
-Decentralized Organizations
-Big Infrastructure projects (i.e energy infrastructure in developing countries, water systems etc.)
-Mining and Exploration
-Outer space explorations( Asteroid mining, mars mission etc)
-Entertainment Media (Fuding a Netflix original movie/series, hollywood movie etc)
-Non-Traditional Real-estate (Land in developing nations Columbia, Brazil, Singapore etc)
-Scientific Research
-Drug Research
-Government Contracts

  • Investing Syndicates (such as those on angelist platform) - I think this is low hanging fruit for these syndicates to be tokenized.

Just a few ideas. I think platforms like Swarm not only open up traditional investment opportunities but also give way to funding new may have been impossible to fund other wise. I look forward to these and other opportunities on the platform.


Classic cars are an appealing asset class and have performed very well over the last decade. The downside risk would also be pretty small IMO.

BitCar is the only crypto related project I know of in the space and although they seem to be playing to the “wen Lambo?” crowd its still an interesting idea.



Cannabis farm should gives the highest ROI with one of the lowest risks. I am holding my swarm till I see projects with potentially better shorter term returns.